What is a Domain Name? A domain name identifies one or more IP addresses.

For example, the domain name http://bighypemedia.com represents certain IP addresses (a set of specific numbers). The domain names are used in URL to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL http://www.bighypemedia.com, the domain name is “bighypemedia.com”. Once the domain name is registered to a person or company, it is that person’s to use exclusively as long as they continue to pay the yearly renewal fee.

How do I choose a good domain name?

A domain name is an extension of your business “brand” or a simple way of identifying your business “brand” online. There are certain items you need to be aware of. Make sure that the name coincides with your identity (“brand”) and is something easy to remember. It can be easily related to your company or the products/services of your company.

Who do I pay for the domain name?

Our billing department sends the invoice directly to you by email. You can pay for it by credit card, check, or money order.
Our preferred method of payment is using PayPal. However, you may send us a check or money order. We will first deposit the check or money order, allow it to clear the bank, then process your request.

What should I do after registering my domain name?

After registering, you have to find a web host and create the account with them for the domain name that you registered for. Then, upload your HTML files if you have any. After that you have to return to your domain name registrar with your Web host’s DNS server primary and secondary host names. Remove the old ones and add the new ones. Finally wait up to 72 hours for all this updating to circulate throughout the Internet. You should now be able to receive e-mail and page hits.
We have simplified this process. Allow us to be your selected web hosting provider, and we will worry about all the details. This is included in the domain registration/renewal fees.
BigHype Media LLC uses BulkRegister, Inc. (www.bulkregister.com) to register/ renew all our domains. BulkRegister, Inc is the most reputable Domain Name Registrar out there and most “big” companies go through BulkRegister to register their domain names. Such companies like GoDaddy.com, Yahoo.com, NetworkSolutions.com and others use BulkRegister. However, the big difference between the “big companies” and BigHype Media LLC is that we charge you a respectable rate of only $22.50 per domain name for major TLDs. Businesses like Network Solutions charge $35.00-50.00 a year and even charge you additional fees to use features of your domain name that come FREE! This is ridiculous and not acceptable .. therefore, we do what we can to offer you the best pricing year after year.