How do I know if I need web hosting?

If you want to put your business on the Web, you need Web hosting. You can either do it yourself or outsource it. But since hosting websites involves a substantial investment in equipment, software, security and personnel with specialized knowledge and experience, most businesses outsource it. Fortunately, BigHype Media LLC specializes in domain hosting and has made the substantial investment in equipment, software and personnel to offer affordable, reliable, dependable, and secure hosting solutions.

We have 3 customized plans to meet your web hosting needs.

  1. Individual Plan Ideal for the person just wanting to begin in web design. You will have more than adequate space to upload images for sharing. We do have resources available for FREE that will put you on the web in a meeter of minutes.
  2. Nonprofit Plan ** This package is reserved specifically for those organizations that claim not-for-profit status*. We give you everything from the Commercial Biz Plan except E-commerce. (this can always be added for a minimal cost). Most clientele of this plan are churches, ministries or civic organizations.
  3. Commercial Business Plan This package is for anyone desiring to conduct E-commerce or has an existing business and desires online exposure. This is a great medium for unlimited online marketing. The is virtually zero cost when you engage in online marketing for your retail store. Forget about placing advertisements in a magazine or paper .. begin advertising online. Our graphic designers will be more than welcome to come up with advertisements that will be effective for business profits.
**Certain documentations may be required for proof of not-for-profit status.